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Simplify ordering & fulfillment with Untappd Marketplace.

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Untappd Marketplace is an online alcohol ordering platform that provides one convenient location for retailers to browse products and place orders. Distributors can increase efficiencies with a suite of tools for managing orders, sales reps, and products across all accounts.

How will Untappd Marketplace help you?

searchable product catalog for retailers


Own ordering with a searchable product catalog
order management for distributors


Send beverage orders to multiple sales reps in one click
distributors customize offerings


Easily add and update product offerings
Ready to streamline your ordering process?

Testimonials from Untappd Marketplace Beta in Wilmington, NC

"Untappd Marketplace is a useful and productive sales feature that allows me to reach a large amount of customers with a small amount of time. As a small self-distributing brewery it has helped me provide my customers with an up-to date inventory anytime they need it. The platform is simple and organized, allowing for quick updates and consistent information."
Nich Alexander, Bill's Brewing Co. (Brewery)
“Untappd Marketplace is a great tool for those who wish to streamline their distribution... Easy to use and respond to because you can receive orders on your phone and email! Definitely recommend for small OR large breweries.”
Ben Quinones, Skytown Beer Company (Brewpub)
"[Marketplace] has certainly cut down on the time I take to place orders...My favorite part is being able to easily search through inventory to find new and exciting products that I may not have otherwise known about. The way that ordering for multiple locations is incorporated into one platform makes placing all my orders very user friendly."
Alex Anderson, The Veggie Wagon (Retailer)
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